Rent to Rent Mentorship

Rent to Rent is one of the most exciting but misunderstood strategies – done correctly, you can build a profitable property business without buying a single property!

So what is Rent to Rent?
In brief, it is where you rent a property at one price and then let it out at a higher price and keep the difference as your profit.

It’s an incredibly efficient business model, as it:

  • Requires little money to start up
  • Means you can be profitable quickly
  • Gives you consistent recurring cashflow
  • Gives you the names and addresses of your perfect customers

We’ll take you step by step through our ethical Rent 2 Rent Success System so you can make money from properties you don’t own.

We support you every step of the way
The Rent to Rent Mentorship is a 3 month Programme where we take you step by step through our 6-step Rent 2 Rent Success System. It’s all about implementation rather than just information. We’ll take you from stuck to started, from confused to clarity and from research to results. We meet with you every week in the Programme to keep you on track. When you join the Programme we’re there for you.

Exceptionally good materials
Within the Programme the Steps are laid out with exactly what to do and why. Within it there are all the contracts, templates, checklists that you need. You don’t have to spend years banging your head against a brick wall wondering why it’s not working, you can follow an exact system which works.

Our mentees have won the New Investor of the Year Award at the Property Investor Awards in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 finalists.

Value for money – no other company offers the same level of access to mentors as we do

All of our mentors are experienced industry professionals with years of experience AND are all active investors

We believe in quality over quantity – our programme has limited availability and subject to application and interview

ALL of our mentors have substantial experience in property investing – it wasn’t just learnt yesterday!

Work with the best

Stephanie & Nicky Taylor are recognised industry professionals in rent to rent and are experienced in other property strategies including multi-unit blocks and commercial to residential conversion. They are Co-Founders of award-winning rent to rent company HMO Heaven.

They’re Authors of the number one best-selling book Rent 2 Rent Success and hosts The Rent 2 Rent Success Podcast which is in the top 1.5% of podcasts globally.

And they’ve helped hundreds of people get started in property with little money, time and experience to start.


Take the first step today and watch the free Rent to Rent Success Masterclass Training

You’ll love the Masterclass because it takes you behind the scenes and shows you have rent to rent works in practice and at the end you’ll find out more and the Rent to Rent Mentorship Programme

In the Masterclass you’ll discover…

🚀 How you can create the consistent cashflow to escape your 9-5 and live life on your terms

🚀 How to set up your property business quickly, easily and legally with little money even if you have no business or property experience.

🚀 How to get owners and agents to happily rent their property to you

even though you have no property experience

🚀 How to outsource and automate so that you grow your profit not the hours you work

This is for you if…

You’re not making the progress you want and you’re ready to take action that works.

You’ve been on courses before but got stuck when it comes to implementing.

You want a proven method that gets results fast.

You’re tired of guessing how to find landlords and agents, what to say and how to structure your offer.

Click here to watch the free Rent to Rent Success Masterclass Training

Programme details


The only online Rent to Rent Mentorship Programme with this quality of materials, support and mentoring.
Daily support in our private community.

Weekly live meetings.

Everything you need to get your first deal including:

✅  How to choose the right area where rent to rent will work.

✅  The breakdown of what makes a good HMO.

✅  Everything you need to know about HMO licencing.

✅  The exact steps to set up your fully compliant rent to rent business the easy and inexpensive way in days and weeks, not months, years or never!

✅  How to set up your accounts as a new business.

✅  Whether to start a limited company or sole trader

✅  Examples of good business cards and webpages to help you achieve more. Faster.

✅  The exact email to send to local councils to get the HMO List, even if they’ve refused you before.

✅  The magnetic marketing that will attract deals to you even if you are shy or hate selling.

✅  The landlord letters that deliver results and have won us over £2m in contracts.

✅  The social pitch you need to attract the perfect customers.

✅  The exact questions to ask when landlords call so that they want to work with you.

✅  The magic words every letting agent wants to hear.

✅  How to overcome letting agent objections

✅  Exactly what it costs to run an HMO with full explanations of how to find the exact costs for any HMO.

✅  Exactly how to analyse your rent to rent deals (and our feedback on your new properties).

✅  How to fund refurbishments when you’re starting with little money.

✅  How to become a ninja negotiator with the skills that have helped our students do so well.

✅  How to master viewings with landlords and agents to give yourself an unfair advantage

✅  How to make irresistible offers with our perfect offer email template.

✅  The Rent 2 Rent Success Contracts. These are crucial to protecting your business.

✅  The Property Handover like a Pro info that you didn’t know you needed!

✅  Learn how to make your HMOs heavenly on a tight budget. Step by step guides from confusion to clarity.

✅  The Tenant Find & Onboarding Platinum Pack that gives you the simple way to legally find and onboard tenants without the fuss. This is what creates the cashflow. Every. Single. Month.

✅  The systems to set up your business so you can outsource it. This is magic and gives you time freedom as well as financial freedom


if you are looking to become financially free through property

come & join our property family

Take action today and unlock your full potential.