The Property Master Academy has given me a grasp of the key pillars of property investment and provided support to take the steps to build my own property business. The dynamic between Mark, Jackie and Peter is brilliant and really pushes you on to take action. We are now 4 properties in and its all down to the support and lessons learnt from PMA
There are a lot of cowboys out there in the property game trying to sell get rich quick schemes but PMA is certainly not one of them. I found them to have an honest no nonsense approach and to be very knowledgeable in his field. Highly recommended.
Leonard Tatt

Joel - Online Mentorship Testimonial

Having completed the PMA Mentoring Programme this year it has been invaluable to my property investing journey and one that I would fully recommend to others. Such a knowledgeable team in all aspects and always available when advice required. Without doubt one of the best investments I've made.
Roger Barnes
Jackie, Mark and Peter care about what you need from your property journey, not just the bog standard talking at you that you get everywhere else. They get you to focus in your goal and how to achieve it. Highly recommend for what ever level you are at. Thank you all!
Jeannett Bellamy
Had a fantastic 2 day course with Property master Academy. I learnt so much and I'm looking forward to continuing with the PMA team. Lovely people all with different dynamics that come together they make a wonderful trio of knowledge!
Elizabeth Warburton
I can't recommend the Property Master Academy enough. The property sector is full of false pretences with every other person looking to sell you a course in exchange for a hope and a dream, however PMA are noble in their approach and full of knowledge and wisdom. You are an absolute force with them behind you. What separates the Property Master Academy from the rest are the small numbers and intimacy. There aren't layers upon layers of hierarchy and mentors, please don't ever change that.
George & AntEvripidou
It was an inspirational experience. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the support received. Thank you
Dimitris Votsikas
The mentorship has been a massive boost to not only my property business, but to my own personal development as well. I chose PMA Because they offer very bespoke and intimate training, it is really hands on with just a limited sized group. It completely changed my mind-set from where it was. I have a refocus and a much clearer direction in which I am now taking my property business. I would highly recommend the PMA Team.
Rosie Evill
PMA has mentored me for the past 4 months in which time I have achieved most of my 12 month goals for my business! PMA has helped me get clarity on my goals and on my skill set and pushed me to reach consistently outside of my comfort zone to push myself and achieve more. PMA has provided regular and consistent training so that I have grown in my knowledge and understanding in my area of business and have a better understanding of the risks involved in order to manage them and forge forward. PMA, is a trust-worthy educationally valuable organisation that I am very happy to be a part of.
Kate Roxburgh
I'm currently being mentored by PMA and I cannot recommend them enough. Honest, factual and a 'no nonsense' approach really works for me and that was the deciding factor for me when choosing my property mentor. I am an absolute beginner, and my confidence has grown so much already in the first 4 months. I look forward to continuing to grow and I have Property Master Academy to thank for this new found passion. Cheers!
I have known the team at PMA for 12 months and in that time they have demonstrated to me a wealth of knowledge about property that is immense. Their guidance as mentors is positive and they are able to show how one's mind can work outside the box for solutions when dealing in property investment. PMA are definitely a go to company should I have any question of property, and it will always provide an answer I can trust. Thank you!
Martin Littleboy
I have known the team at PMA for several years and attended the PMA mentorship. I would recommend PMA to anyone. They have their clients' needs at heart, are totally honest and reliable. Mark is a successful and highly experienced businessman and all his mentees have benefited from his wisdom and knowledge.
James Wilson
Peter Licourinos has been a client of ours for the past 8 years. Peter in that time has gone from strength to strength in all of his business ventures. He is a key & trusted speaker at our exhibition, National Landlord Investment Show and brings pure expert advice that has helped thousands of Landlords and Investors at our shows. Peter is the most inspirational person in business, his dedication, energy and positivity is just outstanding. Peter also writes expert articles on our sister site Property Notify and the feedback from any one that has meet and done business via our shows is nothing but 100% positive. There have been many times in our own business that we have turned to Peter for business advice, nothing is ever too much and he always goes above and beyond to help as much as possible. Peter is a great ambassador and shining example of how business should be developed, he is a go getter and does not stop until he has fulfilled every single project that he starts. We cannot recommend Peter highly enough and are proud to be associated with him in business although his energy levels exhaust me sometimes as he just does not stop but he certainly brings so much positivity to any situation, problem and always delivers what he has promised. He has generated a huge amount of wealth for investors in our sector and really changed peoples life’s.
Tracey & Steve Hanbury



Sam Grayson

If you are willing to invest in yourself and find mentoring that gives you the time and nurturing that you need, then I can’t recommend PMA enough. I was new to the world of development and very much needed guidance whilst I tried to navigate what can be a complicated industry. After some research of differing courses, I settled on their group mentorship course. For whatever situation I found myself in at the time, Mark and Jackie always had the advice to guide me through the next steps and more importantly steer me clear of making costly mistakes. Furthermore, the group atmosphere of the mentorship meant you also had the opportunity to learn from what others were up to and the successes/problems they were experiencing themselves. Not to mention, a great way to network with like minded people. If you have the good sense to seek the guidance of professionals with many years of experience, then give PMA a call.
Daniel Verrier
Fabulous. The fact that you give so much information for free is awesome. I have paid a fortune for courses and don't feel as informed as I do from the free stuff you are providing.
Linda O’Rourke
Great motivational kickstart. Absolutely loved it, I found it extremely motivational. Exactly what I needed.
May Marshall
Really helpful. Stephanie and Nicky are true professionals. I'm new to the property game and it's hard getting help from people sometimes but there is a lot of great free info from Rent 2 Rent Success.
Tyrone Tash

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