Looking for online property mentorship programs from a specialist company? Look no further. Property Master Academy is ideal, find out more today.
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At Property Master Academy we are proud to have launched our Property Mentor Elite On-Line & Personal 6 month program.


Our online property mentorship program is delivered by 3 Mentors, over 50 years property and business experience


Mark, Jackie and Peter are delighted to now offer more places on our incredible new shorter, more affordable and on-line, personal and interacting 6-month Property Mentor Ship. We know that it can be difficult to find the time to attend classes in between a busy routine, that’s why we decided to create our online property mentorship program. Wherever you are, you can benefit from the expert insight from our mentors, providing you with an invaluable basis for branching out into the world of property. When you choose our property mentorship program you will benefit from unbeaten access to experienced industry professionals, whilst maintaining a convenient daily structure.

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    Our mentees have won the New Investor of the Year Award at the Property Investor Awards in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 finalists.

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    Value for money - no other company offers the same level of access to mentors as we do

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    All of our mentors are experienced industry professionals with years of experience AND are all active investors

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    We believe in quality over quantity - our programme has limited availability and subject to application and interview

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    ALL of our mentors have substantial experience in property investing - it wasn't just learnt yesterday!


  • Brand NEW support programme with direct access to the three of us AND the full PMA team and network

  • Our first (and maybe only) online Mastermind type programme with immediate support and mentoring

  • Weekly live zoom face2face conferencing  – minimum of 2 hours with weekly Q and A

  • Support and guidance on all strategies

  • Free property webinar every 2 weeks

  • Access to a Private Accountability group

If you are interested in our brand new online property mentorship academy, feel free to get in touch with a member of the team to discuss this further. You can call us on 01252 730040, alternatively, visit our Contact Page here.

We are always happy to help.

Book now and you will also receive

  • A free one2one call

  • A Free copy of the Property Strategy Masterclass

  • A  Free HMO Masterclass video

  • Lots of other downloads, courses and incredible content!

6 month online property mentorship