Land Assembly Masterclass
The Land Assembly course by Property Master Academy will take you inside the mind of a property developer and on your way to developing your portfolio.
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Land Assembly Masterclass

Land Assembly – create Developer Profits without owning anything!

Learn how to make LIFE CHANGING PROFITS through Land Assembly

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    Our mentees have won the New Investor of the Year Award at the Property Investor Awards in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 finalists.

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    Value for money - no other company offers the same level of access to mentors as we do

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    All of our mentors are experienced industry professionals with years of experience AND are all active investors

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    We believe in quality over quantity - our programme has limited availability and subject to application and interview

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    ALL of our mentors have substantial experience in property investing - it wasn't just learnt yesterday!

About the Trainer:

Graeme Stewart, Professional Property Investor, Trainer and PMA Mentor

Graeme started investing in property in 2001 after meeting his wife, Susannah. Fortunately, they both already owned properties with equity in them so they remortgaged one of them and used the funds to start building their portfolio.

Graeme’s first deal involved buying 6 properties off plan for a total deposit of £3,000 which he was able to remortgage on completion to leave none of his own money in the deal and these properties each give a great positive cashflow every month.

Creative strategies and favourable lending conditions enabled Graeme to quickly build a large portfolio of high yielding properties in the Central belt of Scotland which are complemented by a few properties in high capital growth areas of the South East.  

In 2005, Graeme stumbled across the highly lucrative, but little known, practise of Land Assembly which delivers large lump sums of capital which enable him to continue to grow his portfolio. This is the perfect strategy to complement income generation strategies and helps the government to address the housing crisis.

He now divides his time between Land Assembly & Property Development, teaching others to do Land Assembly, running his own portfolio and spending time with his young family.

Having been in the Industry for 16 years, Graeme has experienced the ups and downs of the property market and seen others fall by the wayside. He is therefore passionate about ensuring that investors get the right advice and support so they can accelerate their journey to financial freedom.

Graeme is from Dunblane in central Scotland but now lives in Wokingham, Berkshire.

Course Overview

This is a brand new workshop with content you will not have heard anywhere else before. This is a proven strategy but new to the property investment community and perfectly placed to support the government in addressing the current UK Housing Crisis. Learn how to make Life Changing Profits on each deal with this win/win strategy

Who is this course for?

This property training course is for you:-

    • if you’re starting out
    • if you are already an experienced investor
    • if you have an interest in becoming a property developer
    • if you’re wondering how to move your property business to the next level
    • if you want an additional strategy to supplement your current activities that will create 6 figure lump sums
    • if you have patience and determination to succeed

This course will show you some of the secrets behind developer profits.

Course Content – Land Assembly

This property training course is for you:-

  • Identify the different types of Land Assembly deals
  • Use our deal analyser tool to qualify deals in/out within minutes
  • Use the funnel process to only spend time on deals that have a high probability of closing
  • Know how to approach owners and build relationships to maximise chance of success
  • Learn how to negotiate with the owners for a win win solution
  • Understand the do’s and don’t of the legal process
  • learn how to maximise your chance of getting planning permission
  • Be part of a community of like minded people 
  • Gain experience and confidence by working on your own deals throughout the workshop
  • Decide whether to build or just walk away with the developer profit.

This course will show you some of the secrets behind developer profits.

The Land Assembly course will take you inside the mind of a developer and reveal some of the secrets of this little-know strategy. It is not about finding a plot and building on it – it is far more than that. It is a strategy that Graeme Stewart has successfully used for a number of years to provide six-figure lump sums of cash to help pay down the debt on his portfolio, which fits in very well with PMA’s ethos of creating a debt-free portfolio.

If you would like to see how the Land Assembly Masterclass can help you to achieve your property goals, then call 01252 730040 or alternatively, email to: